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This Week in Review – October 22nd to October 28th

Other How Do Institutions Select Retention Management Technologies? Nearly one-third of students entering college do not return after their freshman year, yet it is unclear as to how institutions should go about solving this problem as research identifies a range of contributing and thorny factors widely dependent on institutional circumstance. Many schools have thus turned to technology solutions, but […]

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Data Centers? We don’t need no stinking data centers!

The article is Cross-posted at Moran Technology Consulting By: Charlie Moran, Sr. Partner & CEO, Moran Technology Consulting Justin Menard, CEO, LISTedTECH In a previous blog post, we discussed a multi-year downward trend of new Student Information System (SIS) implementations.  Despite this downtrend, there are still many institutions upgrading and buying new SIS suites. In […]

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