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Current Trends in the Higher Ed SIS Market 2010 – 2018

The article is Cross-posted at Moran Technology Consulting By: Charlie Moran, Sr. Partner & CEO, Moran Technology Consulting Justin Menard, CEO, LISTedTECH   Key points: New Student Information System (SIS) implementations have been plummeting since 2011 Small to medium-sized institutions with less than 10,000 students are more likely than larger institutions to install a new […]

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Student Information Systems and Business Intelligence Systems Used Together in HigherEd

In today’s competitive market, higher education institutions need to be aware of all the moving parts of their business. By combining high performing systems’ like Student Information Systems (SIS) and Business Intelligence Systems (BI), institutions can better understand the hot topics that might need ‘massaging’. The following chord diagram (as with the previous one we did matching SIS/LMS) will […]

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