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MOOCs University profiles : Coursera, edX, Futurelearn, iversity, OpenEd and Udacity

*** Updated July 29th ***
I have updated the visualisation with the most recent information, added 2 new Moocs and added 5 world university rankings
I now have 11 MOOCs in the Viz: CourseSites (Blackboard), Coursera, Coursolve, edXFuturelearnIversity, Open Learning Global, Open2Study , OpenEdUdacity and Veduca.
We haven’t Included the following MOOCs since they had less than 2 partner universities


MOOC (Massive open online course) systems have been all the rage for the last year. The number of students and high dropout rates have been highlighted and analysed. The firms investing in each system and the capital invested have been scrutinized. Speculations on monetisation of the different systems is ongoing and this week, 5 classes have been approved for credit recommendation by the American Council on Education.

So why do we need another article on the subject? We don’t really… I was just interested in looking at the universities that have partnered with the 3 major MOOC systems: CourseraedX and Udacity and see if any pattern emerged.
·         The most in number of partnering universities with 33
·         The greatest number of participating countries
·         The smallest average in endowments per university
·         Limited to United States universities
·         The biggest in average endowments per university
·         The only system that has a bachelor-focused university
·         The smallest number of partnering universities with only 5
·         The largest average number of students per university
·         The smallest average number of postgraduates
Final word
All 3 systems have hand-picked their partnering institutions. Seventy percent of the universities are on the Times Higher Education top 200 World University Rankings 2012-2013. Eighty-two percent (82%) of Coursera's partners are in the Top200 University rankings compared with edX at 38.5% and Udacity at 60%. In the ranking's top 5, only the University of Oxford is not part of any of the 3 MOOC that we are looking at. I cant wait to see who will recruit it.


It's interesting to see this data and how you represented it with Tableau Public. The first time I read the blog post I didn't notice that some universities have 2 MOOC systems in place. I wonder why a university would decide to manage two systems from two different companies?

It would be interested to sort the data by country or continent (Europe vs. North America).

I will definitely continue to read your blog on a regular basis!

Francois, the 5 universities that are partnered with 2 MOOCs are:

  • Stanford University
  • Rice University
  • University of Virginia
  • École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
  • University of Toronto

Just a small note. The universities don’t actually manage the systems. They simply use them as services to host courses. 
It would be interesting to get the professors feedback on usability.

I think top 5 universities are not better than these:
7.ETH Zurich

I think UK universities(Oxford,LSE,Manchester etc.) will join to FutureLearn.
Others(UChicago,Yale,Cornell,ETH Zurich etc.) will join edX.
Why not to Coursera? Because there are too many universitite on Coursera. You want to be part of 20(30) universities
than 62 or more...


Thanks very good analysis and info .
1.- How many MOOCS courses finished so far.
2.- What was the exam takers numbers and passed numbers
3.- What was the original number of clicks for registration
4.- How fast was the droppinout . A distribution diagram for weeks .
Thanks in advance

Stanford has its own platform . In fact they have 2 or 3 platform. venturelabs, onlinestanford one more may be .
Oh yes Coursera too .
I wonder what they are after .

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