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MOOCs, a short history

When The New York Times dubbed 2012 “The Year of the MOOC,” it was pretty much on, give or take a year. As the visualisation below shows, 2012 was big, but 2013 is even bigger if you look at it from the number of partnering institutions. At the end of 2012, 100 universities and colleges had partnered with MOOC systems. This is big, but compare this to the end of July 2013, and 4x that number (432 HigherEd institutions) have registered to offer courses.

Another interesting point is the number of Universities that are partnering with more than one MOOC. This was highlighted in a comment posted by Francois a few months ago. The trend has only intensified. See the second part of the Viz.

Currently, there are 433 universities and colleges that have partnered with MOOC providers. Over half, 252 to be exact, are from the USA. This is not really surprising since 8 of the 19 listed below are from the USA.

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The following MOOCs all have higher educational partners. I have listed them by launch dates.

  • Mar 2003 – UKeU from the United Kingdom, courses was available in English. UKeU had 5 higherEd partners - (closed in 2005)
  • Apr 2007 - ALISON (Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online) from Ireland, courses are available in English. ALISON has 1 higherEd partner
  • Jun 2011 - Udacity from the USA, courses are available in English. Udacity has 6 higherEd partners
  • Jul 2011 - Iversity from Germany, courses are available in English and German. Iversity has 81 higherEd partners
  • Mar 2012 - Crypt4you from Spain, courses are available in Spanish. Crypt4you has 1 higherEd partner.
  • May 2012 - edX (Initialy called MITx) from the USA, courses are available in English. edX has 40 higherEd partners.
  • Jun 2012 - Galileo Educational System platform (GES) from Guatemala is based on the .LRN project, courses are available in Spanish. Galileo has 1 higherEd partner
  • Mar 2012 - Veduca from Brazil, courses are available in Portuguese. Veduca has 16 higherEd partners
  • Apr 2012 – Coursera from the USA, courses are available in English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and French. Coursera has 217 higherEd partners
  • Sep 2012 – openHPI  from Germany, courses are available in English and German. openHPI has 2 higherEd partners.
  • Nov 2012 - University of Miami Global Academy from the USA, courses are available in English. Global Academy has 1 higherEd partner
  • Oct 2012 – Open Learning Global from Australia is offering courses in English. Open Learning Global has 2 higherEd partners.
  • Dec 2012 - Futurelearn from the United Kingdom is offering courses in English. Futurelearn has 24 higherEd partners.
  • Jan 2013 - Coursolve from the USA is offering courses in English. Coursolve has higherEd partners.
  • Mar 2013 - Open2Study from Australia is offering courses in English. Open2Srudy has 11 higherEd partners
  • Apr 2013 - NovoEd from the USA is offering courses in English. NovoEd has 1 highered partner.
  • Apr 2013 - OpenupEd from the Netherlands is offering courses in Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Hebrew, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Turkish. OpenupEd has 10 highered parners.
  • Jun 2013 - Skynet from the USA is offering courses in English. Skynet has 1 higherEd partner
  • Jul 2013 - CourseSites (Blackboard) from the USA is offering courses in English. CourseSites has 17 higherEd partners



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