World Map of Learning Management Systems

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Based on more than 5100 Higher Educational Institutions worldwide listed in the DB, I have compiled a map that represents the most deployed LMS by country.

World Map of LMS


If you look at sheer numbers of countries, Moodle is the clear winner with 116 of the 138 represented (Blackboard has 15, Claroline 5 and ILIAS 2).

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  1. Reply Ramon Garrote

    Hi, this is a very interesting compilation. I wander if, I could do the same again, to see the if something have happened from 2012 until today? And how I could do it?

    I’m working with my PhD thesis and a picture like that it could give a good picture about the most deployed LMS by country.

    Best regards


  2. Reply Ramon Garrote

    If it’s not possible to do a new compilation. I wander if I could use this picture, of course given the reference to it.

  3. Reply Justin Menard

    Hi Ramon,

    We can do both. I will try to do the same picture 1 year after: August 2013 and you could use both.

    Could you wait until the first week of August?

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