Field definitions

Institution Data

  • Year Founded: The date this organization first came into being.

  • Defunct On: Year the institution stopped operations

  • Institution Type: School Categories to which this school belongs, such as Private for-profit, Private not-for-profit or Public.

  • Degree Type: The academic degree (2-year or 4-year or above) granted by this institution.

  • City: The date this organization first came into being.

  • Region: Administrative Division (State, Province, etc.)

  • Country: The country of this address.

  • UNITID: Unique identifier assigned to institutions (IPEDS#)

  • Parent Institution: If this institution is a subsidiary of another institution (such as a college of a university), enter the parent institution here.

  • Website: Officially-sanctioned websites for this entity, including the protocol (e.g. http://). It does not include fan websites or social media websites.

  • Statewide System: Name of System if available

  • Also known as: For entering common spelling variations and alternate terms this topic is referred to or known as. Don’t enter pronunciation guides, same term in another alphabet or language here unless it is a commonly used borrowed term.

Institution Statistics

  • Total Enrollment: The enrollment of the entire student body, by year.

  • Undergrad Enrollment: The number of students on the body who have yet to gain their first degree.

  • Graduate or Postgraduate Enrollment: The number of students who are members of this college and have previously completed a degree

Products used

  • Product Category: List of predefined Product Category

  • Company:

  • Product

  • Common Name: Named used at the institution for this system

  • Project Start-up:

  • RFP: The date the request for proposal (RFP) was launched

  • Purchased: The date the system was purchased

  • Deployment: The date the system was deployed

  • Retired: The date the system was last used

  • Secondary System: Is the system used as a secondary system “Y”es, “N”o, “P”ilot or “E”valuating

  • Hosting

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