Private Equity Firms

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with half of the biggest private equity firms and almost half of top consulting firms.

Our data is used to better understand potential acquisitions, to better focus potential clients as well as to better understand market trends. Here is a list of data key points we collect for both institutions and the products they use.

We try to have the following fields for most of our product groups:

Institution Fields

  • Year Founded: the year of foundation of the institution.
  • Defunct On: the year the institution ceased operations.
  • Institution Type: attributes to describe institutions: private for-profit, private not-for-profit or public.
  • Degree Type: the academic degrees (2-year or 4-year or above) granted by this institution.
  • Geographical elements: city, region, country.
  • UNITID: unique identifier assigned to institutions (for the USA, we use IPEDS numbers)
  • Website: officially-sanctioned websites for the institution.
  • Institution Info: this is a descriptive text for the institution, often pulled out from Wikipedia’s institution page.
  • Total Enrollment: the enrollment of the entire student body.

Product Fields

  • Product Category: list of predefined categories (e.g. e-mail, SIS, HR, Financial Aid, ERP, Library, Alerts, etc.)
  • Active: shows if the product is active or defunct.
  • Company: company owning the product.
  • Product: current name of the product.
  • Deployment: the date the system was deployed at one institution.
  • Retired: the date the system was last used in a specific institution.
  • Secondary System: indicates if the system is used as a secondary system. We also identify if the system is in “P”ilot, “E”valuating or “U”pgrade.
  • Hosted: is the product cloud-hosted or implemented on premise.

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September 14th to September 20th

This Week In Review – September 14th to September 20th

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