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ListEdTech is a market research firm that only tracks systems used in education. Our user-friendly portal offers data on more than 25 product categories, including CRM – Admission Systems. For this product category, we track over 3,000 implementations, mainly in North America at the higher education level.

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What Are CRM – Admissions Systems?

A Customer Relationship Management system for admissions is a software platform designed to manage and improve communication with prospective students or applicants. The system helps institutions streamline the admission process by tracking applicant information and automating the outreach response. Admission teams can monitor the applicant’s progress, schedule interviews, and personalize communication based on the prospective student’s interests and needs.

In this Product Category, We Have Data on the Following Companies and Products

CompanyProductDegree Type
AdmissionPros LLCAdmissionProsHigherEd
AnthologyAnthology ApplyHigherEd
AnthologyHobsons EMT ApplyYourselfHigherEd
AnthologyHobsons RadiusHigherEd
Campus Consortium FoundationInternational Student Recruitment (CampusEAI's)HigherEd
CollegeNETCollegeNet ProspectHigherEd
Community BrandsTADS - Admission & EnrolmentSchool District
Data HarvestingDH Student CRMHigherEd
DreamApplyDreamApply CRMHigherEd
EDge InteractiveEzRecruitHigherEd
Education Systems. Inc.Education Systems EMAS Campaign ProHigherEd
Education Systems. Inc.Education Systems EMAS Recruitment ProHigherEd
EllucianBanner Recruiting & Admissions PerformanceHigherEd
EllucianDatatel ActiveAdmissionsHigherEd
EllucianDatatel RecruiterHigherEd
EllucianEllucian CRM RecruitHigherEd
Engage2ServeProRetention Enrollment CRMHigherEd
Enrollment Rx LLCEnrollment RxHigherEd
Fire Engine REDStudent SearchHigherEd
Folderwave IncFolderWave enrollmentHigherEd
Full FabricFULL FABRIC CRMHigherEd
Interactive SoftwareAchiever CRMHigherEd
Jenzabar Inc.Jenzabar One RCHigherEd
Kira TalentKira Talent ProductHigherEd
LeadSquaredLeadSquared CRMHigherEd
Liaison InternationalAdMITHigherEd
Liaison InternationalEngineeringCASHigherEd
Liaison InternationalUniCASHigherEd
OracleOracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Recruiting and AdmissionsHigherEd
Rediker SoftwareAdmissions Plus ProSchool District
RuffaloCODYEnrollment ManagerHigherEd
TargetXTargetX CRMHigherEd
TargetXTargetX Student Recruitment ManagerHigherEd
UnibuddyUnibuddy PlatformHigherEd
UnifyedUnified Student Recruiting CRMHigherEd
Verity IQVerity DialogHigherEd

Why Use the ListEdTech Portal?

product implementations tracked among 25+ product categories
institutions, in our database, using a CRM – Admissions system
CRM – Admissions products in our database

How Does ListEdTech Gather its Data?

We scan publicly available data (news releases, social media, university and company websites) to gather our information. Our dataset includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Educational companies, products, and institutional characteristics, 
  • Primary and secondary systems supported by an institution, 
  • Implementation dates and decommission dates, 
  • Contracts, RFP and acquisition data.

Our team controls for bias and regularly updates, reviews, and validates the data at the source to help organize, sort, and classify more than 3 million data points. Though we cannot guarantee an accurate market representation, the methods we use prevent the overrepresentation of any solution.  

As part of our data quality control, we review our database monthly. During these processes, we constantly reach a 95% accuracy rate.