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ListEdTech is a market research firm that tracks systems used in education. Part of our mission is to help colleges, universities, consultants, edtech companies, and private equity firms leverage data to understand the education world better and target future customers.

Some history

As a data analyst and IT manager for a Canadian university, Justin Ménard quickly realized that data guides many day-to-day decisions and the institution’s long-term orientations.

Noting that few databases on IT systems used in academia were available, he decided, in 2014, to create one himself. From the beginning, the objective was clear: becoming the reference for institutions, consultants and companies to guide their decisions.

At first, the database only included higher education information, but Justin and his associates soon understood they had to expand the project’s scope. By 2018, K-12 school districts (and the products used by them) were added to the already existing gigantic source of information.


Almost nine years later, ListEdTech has the most extensive databases for IT systems used in education. The company’s pace of expansion is impressive. During the first year of operation, it took an average of six months to add a new product category to the database. In 2021, thanks to a team of 20 employees scattered across Asia, Europe and North America, the same task is done in less than 30 days.

A diverse, specialized team

ListEdTech was first a side project. Justin didn’t count the hours put into the project like the other founding members. Within a year, they created the first version of the database. Today, the company would not accomplish half as much without the fantastic team surrounding the founding members.

The Asian team deals with data entry. They are data specialists filtering alerts and flags while identifying the necessary updates. They read through thousands of information points and verify that the database is up-to-date.

The North American team concentrates its work on sales, content creation, platform development and data gathering. Each week, a newsletter is prepared by the team and sent out to subscribers. It is a great resource for getting information on the most recent implementations and acquisitions in higher education and K-12. Content creators also write technical reports and prepare presentations.

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