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Zendesk to Be Acquired

On Friday, June 24th, 2022, several websites specialized in financial news announced a huge acquisition: Zendesk agreed to be acquired by a consortium of private equity firms for an amount between 9.5 and 10.2 billion dollars, depending on the news source. In the education sector, Zendesk is the leader of the help desk product category ... Zendesk to Be Acquired  Read More

SIS Investments Doubled in 2021: Our Numbers

On June 14, 2022, at least three HigherEd-oriented websites (Inside HigherEd; Higher Ed Dive; EdScoop) published articles stating that investments in the SIS product group doubled in 2021. The authors referenced a report by the Tambellini Group. In this post, we want to add some data insights on SIS implementations available in our database. For ... SIS Investments Doubled in 2021: Our Numbers  Read More
Getting Implementation Dates - LISTedTECH

Getting Implementation Dates

Two questions we often receive are: How do you get your data? How accurate is your data for predicting trends and market shares? By now, our regular readers know that we acquire our data browsing public sources throughout the web. For question #2, the answer is more complex. This post gives you more insight knowledge ... Getting Implementation Dates  Read More
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Our Institution Portal Is Now Live!

After several months of user experience tweaking and tons of human hours collecting more data, LISTedTECH’s institution portal is now accessible. We are proud to launch this essential piece of our data sharing, and contrary to popular beliefs, you won’t need to double your research budget to gain access to this massive tool. Our institution ... Our Institution Portal Is Now Live!  Read More
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A Glimpse Of The Institution Portal – Implementation Time

Since August 2nd, we have given access to an early-release version of our institution portal to many institution representatives. This free-of-charge limited access shows the data we have on e-mail systems. When August 16th comes around, the portal will launch with 20 product categories. Today, we want to show you one of the graphs available ... A Glimpse Of The Institution Portal – Implementation Time  Read More
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An Update On Our Definition Of (Tech) Peer Institution

With our institution portal to be launched soon, we continue to work on the tech peer model and have refined the grouping elements. The idea remains to technologically group the institutions instead of correlating them with sociodemographic data. After many trials and error to find the best combination, we concluded that the following eight IT ... An Update On Our Definition Of (Tech) Peer Institution  Read More
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So, we hit the 200,000 mark

Most of the time, we talk about other companies and new products in the education world. It’s normal, this is what defines us. But this blog post is a bit different; we will talk about us. We take this opportunity to celebrate a big milestone, the 200,000 product lines listed in our database. When LISTedTECH ... So, we hit the 200,000 mark  Read More
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Edtech Conferences – Cancellations

After receiving questions regarding conference cancellations regarding Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), we created the following table as a quick reference. We will continue updating it. Please let us know if you have canceled your event. List of academic conferences canceled due to Coronavirus Caution: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O3wnaFYSZCgY3Ih4yDw3EIH2SC_-vjhyHwrCQSy0J7M/edit?pli=1#gid=0  Read More
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The 100,000 Milestone

In the last few days, we hit the milestone of 100,000 listed products in our database.

 Read More

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