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We are a market research firm that only tracks systems used in education.
We help colleges/universities, consultants, HigherEd companies, and investment firms leverage our data to better understand the HigherEd IT market and target future customers.

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LISTedTECH is a data and stats provider
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Our database is structured to help you meet your business goals. We include many sources (IPEDS, NCES and international references) in our dataset to ensure we cover our client requirements.

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3 million data points

With over 3 million data points on historical and current systems used in educational institutions throughout the world, we believe we have what you need to make better business decisions.
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Academyone to Zimbra

We track & measure the data on over 39 product categories (& counting), from adaptive learning platforms to textbooks.
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77.000+ institutions

We have data on over 77.000 institutions worldwide, including well above 90% of all North American schools in the dataset.

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Class Acquires Collaborate: Two Visions Emerge

On May 19, 2022, Class and Anthology announced they have signed a definitive agreement for Class to acquire Anthology’s Blackboard Collaborate virtual classroom tool. While Class doubles down on a future with Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate as a virtual classroom tool, Anthology goes all-in on its Blackboard Ultra LMS. Collaborate and Class: The Numbers Before ... Class Acquires Collaborate: Two Visions Emerge  Read More

E-Procurement: Moving B2B, B2C and B2G to the Internet

Before the Internet was even a thing, businesses and institutions established terms and procedures to sell, acquire and exchange goods and services. This process was named procurement. Thanks to significant advancements in technology and SaaS, public organizations and educational institutions nowadays use e-procurement solutions to manage their procurement processes. History of e-Procurement We have to ... E-Procurement: Moving B2B, B2C and B2G to the Internet  Read More

Domain names, what do they say about your HigherEd Institution?

Today, we are digging into a topic outside of our regular sandbox: Institution URLs and the type of information they can provide on an institution. To produce this post, we have gathered the data from the ListedTech database to sort the domains used by over 77,000 institutions across the globe. Our database of 77,000+ institutions ... Domain names, what do they say about your HigherEd Institution?  Read More

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