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We are a market research firm that only tracks systems used in education.
We help colleges/universities, consultants, companies, and investment firms leverage our data to better understand the education IT market and target future customers.

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ListEdTech is a data and stats provider
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Our database is structured to help you meet your business goals. We include many sources (IPEDS, NCES and international references) in our dataset to ensure we cover our client requirements.

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3 million data points

With over 3 million data points on historical and current systems used in educational institutions throughout the world, we believe we have what you need to make better business decisions.
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Academyone to Zimbra

We track & measure the data on over 39 product categories (& counting), from adaptive learning platforms to textbooks.
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77.000+ institutions

We have data on over 77.000 institutions worldwide, including well above 90% of all North American schools in the dataset.

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RFPs Trends and Updates – December 2023

The ListEdTech team has been tracking RFP data for just over three years now (you can read previous posts on our website). During this time, we learned how much value RFPs bring to institutions looking to replace one of their edtech solutions. In addition to giving insights on upcoming popular product categories, past RFPs can ... RFPs Trends and Updates – December 2023  Read More

From Databases to Cloud: The Evolution of Oracle Corporation

Oracle Corporation, a cornerstone of the IT industry since the 1970s, is a multifaceted company that offers a spectrum of solutions in almost 20 different product categories. With a legacy of innovation and leadership, Oracle has remained a trusted name in the ever-evolving information technology landscape. Let’s explore the diverse world of Oracle. From One ... From Databases to Cloud: The Evolution of Oracle Corporation  Read More

Different Ways to Support Student Management Through Technology Selection 

For many institutions, student management in higher education institutions means the administration and management of student-related business functions, such as course registration, program enrollment, and student progress tracking. Central to this approach is usually a student information system, which serves as the centralized hub that helps institutional leaders perform these functions and help students along ... Different Ways to Support Student Management Through Technology Selection   Read More