Data Overview

ListEdTech is the only company in the edtech world with this amount of details on education software implementations. We also work hard to have in-depth data for both Higher Education and K-12. To ensure the quality of our data, our team reviews millions of data points of information each year. We also ensure that an employee validates new entries to our database. In other words, you can trust the quality of our data. 

What Information Do We Gather? 

Since our inception in 2014, we have focused our work on the IT systems used in education. Our dataset includes: 

  • Information on 81,000+ institutions (degree type, public or private, enrollment) from all continents. 
  • Details on 2,200+ edtech companies (mergers, partnerships as well as their company information) and their 4,100+ products (acquisitions, contracts with institutions, active customers). 
  • For each implementation, we try to identify if it’s a primary or a secondary system, and the implementation and decommission dates. 

Our team controls for bias and regularly updates, reviews, and validates the data at the source to help organize, sort, and classify more than 3.2 million values. 

Though we cannot guarantee an accurate market representation, our methods prevent the over-representation of any solution. 

How Do We Update Our Database? 

We divide our work into four distinct stages: 

  1. We continuously scan publicly available data to retrieve new IT system implementations in education. We gather our information from university and company websites, social media accounts, and press releases. We also review requests for proposals, contracts, board approvals and other legal documents to amass more data. 
  1. Each day, we review over 25,000 new alerts. Compiled in a central database, this information is initially filtered using machine learning algorithms to remove useless information. Then, our team of over 20 full-time employees manually looks at the information to add new product lines or modify existing lines to enrich our database. 
  1. Each month, our data quality experts test 1,000+ database entries to ensure that our information is accurate. 
  1. Each year, we perform a thorough database review. This ensures that the institutions are still using the identified systems. We are proud to say that our 300,000+ data lines (comprising more than 3,000,000 data points) are accurate and verified yearly. 

ListEdTech Historical Data Points

The graph above shows the evolution of our database over the past decade and the relative rankings of discovered implementations by product category. There are three key takeaways: 

  1. Continued increases over time: Between 2014 and 2022, the number of discovered implementations continued to rise, with an average of forty-one percent year-over-year growth. 
  1. A sharp change in discovered implementations: Between 2018 and 2019, the growth of found implementations increased sharply, with a seventy percent increase over the previous year’s additions. 
  1. Improved category coverage: Before 2019, the most discovered implementations were in the learning management system category, but since that point, the highest additions occurred in categories such as library management systems, email, and career readiness solutions. 

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