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Strategic Planning
Benchmark your technology adoption against other institutions to identify areas for improvement or investment, ensuring your institution remains at the forefront of educational innovation.
Technology Adoption
Enhance the user experience for both students and faculty by ensuring interoperability and smooth transitions between technologies. Stay ahead of the curve and foster an environment where the technology you adopt supports educational excellence.
Avoid the pitfalls of technology obsolescence with ListEdTech. Our data provides insights into which systems are being deprecated and which new technologies are being embraced across the educational sector, helping your institution manage the risks associated with outdated systems.

Benchmark Against Technology Peer Institutions

With ListEdTech, benchmarking against peer institutions has never been easier. Our platform automatically generates a list of “technology” peers—institutions across North America using the same technologies as you do. So whether you’re looking to replace your Student Information System (SIS) or another critical component, you can see which systems your peers are using, and then make informed decisions that ensure seamless interoperability.

Easily Build Your Own Peer Benchmarking

Prefer to set your own peers? No problem! Customize your peer list based on region, size, or other specific criteria relevant to your needs. This flexibility allows you to compare and contrast with institutions that matter most to you, providing valuable insights into how similar or different you are from each other.

Save Time With Access to Hundreds of RFPs

Access comprehensive RFP data by product, institution type, enrollment size, and educational level (K-12 or higher education). This feature significantly streamlines your RFP creation process with detailed real-world insights, saving you time and effort. With ListEdTech, leverage these data-driven insights to craft more effective and competitive RFPs, ensuring you select the best technologies that meet your institution’s unique needs.

Visualize Your Market Landscape

Active Systems by Institution Enrollment

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Compare Institution Plans

Product CategoriesEmailAll
Product LookupsUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Institution Lookups550
RFP Monthly DownloadsNo download. Limited information available.15 - Full RFPs available.
FiltersWorld Regions, Degree Type, Private / Public, Enrollment
Product Category ReportsNone2 per year
Data Date Range2014-20212015-2024
Annual Subscription (USD)Free$2,800

Product Categories Available in the Portal

Product Categories HigherEd* School Districts*
Alert Notification 1,761 3,477
Business Intelligence - BI 2,506 232
Career Readiness Solutions 3,966 2,538
Catalog Management 1,361 16
Conferencing Systems 5,757 1,805
CRM - Admissions 1,886 250
CRM - Alumni 2,188 538
CRM - General 2,143 167
Curriculum management 947 60
E-Portfolios 1,968 39
Email 11,506 8,444
EProcurement 853 119
Faculty Information Systems 1,185 1
Financial Aid 2,806 416
Financial Systems 4,027 2,275
Grants 1,628 26
Grants - Compliance 551 2
Help Desk 2,166 1,603
Human Resources - HR 3,666 749
Learning Analytics Platforms 481 160
Learning Management Systems 15,387 9,565
Library Information Systems 6,371 3,916
Online Program Management 889 16
Portals 3,568 726
Proctor Systems 3,333 360
Retention Management 1,924 8
Scheduling - Room Management 2,264 972
Student Information System 6,607 16,997
* Number of institutions

Ready to Invest in Your Institution’s Future?

For those looking to unlock the full potential of our platform, our premium features—essential for strategic planning, technology integration, and benchmarking—are available at a very reasonable price of $2,800 annually. Invest in your institution’s future today and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving educational landscape.

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