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The Educause Post Got Traction

Last week’s post got lots of coverage. Some bloggers played with the data to build alternative versions of some graphs, while others commented on the post and generated many remarks on reposts. I would like to thank everyone who shared the Educause post or commented on it. It’s good to see that the edtech community ... The Educause Post Got Traction  Read More

Does the Educause Exhibitor’s Floor Plan Reflect Market Trends in HigherEd IT? The 2022 Update

This week, it’s Educause annual conference with its second in-person participation after the online-only pandemic year. After the 2021 conference, we wrote about the floor plan possibly reflecting the market trend. Will this year’s floor plan show the same results? Research Methodology I first retrieved all floor plans and exhibitors’ lists since 2012 (except for ... Does the Educause Exhibitor’s Floor Plan Reflect Market Trends in HigherEd IT? The 2022 Update  Read More
Graph presenting the stand-alone implementation and product suite implementations for the CRM category

Are Institutions Buying More From the Same Product Suite?

This post originates from a discussion with a client. He was wondering if an institution tends to select additional products from the same product suite if it were to expand its IT offering. From the data collected at ListEdTech, the answer is that it depends on the product category. For some product groups, we note ... Are Institutions Buying More From the Same Product Suite?  Read More
The Evolution of CRM in Education - LISTedTECH

The Evolution of CRM in Education

CRM adoption in the higher education space is reaching a new record-high.

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Blackbaud: More than Raiser's Edge - LISTedTECH

Blackbaud: More than Raiser’s Edge

Known for its flagship product Raiser’s Edge for almost four decades, Blackbaud focuses its business around nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. This long-time reference to this submarket might change soon with the recent purchase of Everfi. Does this acquisition solidify its foundation in the nonprofit world, or is Blackbaud attempting a breakthrough on the corporate ... Blackbaud: More than Raiser’s Edge  Read More

Company Profile: Element451

Any recruitment officer or admission officer knows the struggle to get a lead down the admission funnel. Over the years, IT companies have tried to offer a solution to overcome this challenge, but many failed. For this month’s company profile, we showcase Element451, a CRM that amalgamates in one place the different steps of this ... Company Profile: Element451  Read More
Athology Blackboard Overlap - LisTedTECH

Anthology and Blackboard to Merge Into a Massive New Company

On September 13th, Anthology and Blackboard announced they will merge by the end of 2021. This transaction will “create the most comprehensive EdTech ecosystem across academic, administrative and student engagement applications”, mentioned the joint press release. This mega-company will serve more than 150 million users spread over 4,000 campuses in 90+ countries.  A long-time learning ... Anthology and Blackboard to Merge Into a Massive New Company  Read More
Customer Relationship Management - LisTedTECH

CRM in Education: A Growing Priority

A digital CRM platform amalgamates everything using a centralized dashboard, speeding up and simplifying the process of storing, retrieving, and using the files and documents stored.

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Conferecing vs CRM Implementations in Education - LisTedTECH

How Salesforce is Diversifying

On December 2nd, 2020, Salesforce announced that it will acquire Slack for 27 billion. Though it has minimal implication in the educational market (except for a possible integration of Slack to the Salesforce CRM), this shows how a CRM-driven company decides to diversify its activities to get through this pandemic period. As you can see ... How Salesforce is Diversifying  Read More
Top CRM Vendors by Market Subcategories - LisTedTECH

CRM Market Share (HigherEd)

CRM market adoption for North America in Higher Education.

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Blackbaud Users - LisTedTECH

Blackbaud’s Cyber-Attack

We have mapped out the institutions that have been affected.

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Active Banner - LisTedTECH

Hackers Target Banner ERP Vulnerability

Ellucian's Banner has a market share that is just under 25% in North America. For this reason, the news that came out this week about hackers who have been targeting a vulnerability in one of its modules is alarming.

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