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ListEdTech is a market research firm that only tracks systems used in education. Our user-friendly portal offers data on more than 25 product categories, including Business Intelligence. For this product category, we track over 5,750 implementations, mainly in North America at the higher education level.

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What Are Business Intelligence Solutions?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process used for accessing and analyzing current and historical data from various sources. They typically consist of several components, including integration tools, reporting tools and dashboards, which gather data from other higher education systems like the institution’s learning management system, the student information system and financial systems. This allows users to gain insights into how the institution is performing and thus may improve decision-making, student success and operational efficiencies.

In this Product Category, We Have Data on the Following Companies and Products

CompanyProductDegree Type
Ad Astra Information SystemsAd Astra Platinum AnalyticsHigherEd
Advizor SolutionsADVIZORHigherEd
AnthologyCampusVue Performance AnalyticsHigherEd
AnthologyHigherEd Analytics SuiteHigherEd
AspirEDUDropout DetectiveHigherEd
BitamArtus BitamHigherEd
BrightBytesBrightBytes PlatformSchool District
BrightlyUtilityDirectHigherEd & School Districts
CaspioCaspio Bridge online database platformHigherEd
ChmuraChmura SoftwareHigherEd
CONEXTConext PerformHigherEd
Denodo TechnologiesDenodo PlatformHigherEd
EABRapid Insight AnalyticsHigherEd
EllucianBanner ePrint ReportsHigherEd
EllucianBanner Performance Reporting & AnalyticsHigherEd
EllucianColleague Reporting and Operating AnalyticsHigherEd
EllucianEllucian AnalyticsHigherEd
EntrinsikInformer Web ReportingHigherEd
Frontline EducationFrontline Comparative Analytics (5Sight)School District
GlantusDynistics Active DashboardsHigherEd
HelioCampusHelioCampus Data AnalyticsHigherEd
Hitachi Vantara CorporationPentaho BI PlatformHigherEd
Homegrown SystemsHomegrown Business IntelligenceHigherEd
IBMIBM CognosHigherEd & School Districts
IDataThe Data CookbookHigherEd
Information Buildersibi WebFOCUSHigherEd
Jenzabar Inc.Jenzabar CaptureHigherEd
Jenzabar Inc.Jenzabar One ANHigherEd
JMPJMP ProHigherEd
Lightspeed SystemsLightspeed Digital InsightSchool District
Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft BI suiteHigherEd
Microsoft CorporationMS AccessHigherEd
Microsoft CorporationPower BIHigherEd
MicroStrategyMicroStrategy ONEHigherEd
MillenniumMillennium FASTHigherEd
NuventiveNuventive Improvement PlatformHigherEd
OpenTextOpenText AI & Analytics (Actuate)HigherEd
OracleOracle Business IntelligenceHigherEd
OracleOracle Business Intelligence DiscovererHigherEd
OracleOracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise EditionHigherEd
Pyramid AnalyticsBI Office - PyramidHigherEd
QlikQlik SenseHigherEd
Renaissance Learning IncEduCLIMBERSchool District
SAP AGSAP BusinessObjects BIHigherEd
SAP AGSAP BusinessObjects Crystal ReportsHigherEd
SASSAS - statistical analysis systemHigherEd
SASSAS AnalyticsHigherEd
SASSAS Business IntelligenceHigherEd
SASSAS Enterprise MinerHigherEd
SASSAS ViyaHigherEd
Scantron CorporationAchievement SeriesSchool District
Scantron CorporationPerformance SeriesSchool District
SplunkSplunk EnterpriseHigherEd
SSBSSB Central IntelligenceHigherEd
SynoptixSynoptix softwareHigherEd
Syntellis Performance SolutionsAxiom Budgeting & ForecastingHigherEd
Tableau SoftwareTableau DesktopHigherEd
Tableau SoftwareTableau ServerHigherEd & School Districts
TeradataTeradata VantageHigherEd
TIBCO SoftwareJasperReportsHigherEd
TIBCO SoftwareSpotfire Enterprise AnalyticsHigherEd
TruOIIDashboards productHigherEd
ZogoTech ZogoTech’s Data Analytics PlatformHigherEd

Why Use the ListEdTech Portal?

product implementations tracked among 25+ product categories
institutions, in our database, using a Business Intelligence solution
Business Intelligence products in our database

How Does ListEdTech Gather its Data?

We scan publicly available data (news releases, social media, university and company websites) to gather our information. Our dataset includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Educational companies, products, and institutional characteristics, 
  • Primary and secondary systems supported by an institution, 
  • Implementation dates and decommission dates, 
  • Contracts, RFP and acquisition data.

Our team controls for bias and regularly updates, reviews, and validates the data at the source to help organize, sort, and classify more than 3 million data points. Though we cannot guarantee an accurate market representation, the methods we use prevent the overrepresentation of any solution.  

As part of our data quality control, we review our database monthly. During these processes, we constantly reach a 95% accuracy rate.