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Supporting Research Within Institutions

ListEdTech is a market research firm that only tracks systems used in education. Our user-friendly portal offers data on more than 25 product categories, including Grant Systems. For this product category, we track over 6,000 implementations, mainly in North America at the higher education level.

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What Are Grant Systems?

Grant systems are better defined in categories of utilization. There are three different classifications, and only one of which has subdivisions. The first subcategory is defined as a Financial ERP or a Grant Accounting Module. This type of system is mainly used to manage, track, and report on grant expenditures within the context of the larger financials of an institution.

The second subcategory covers Grantor systems. A grantor system is more specifically used by the sponsor of a grant. While this system reduces manual operational management, it supports the end-to-end grants lifecycle from reviewing applications to monitoring awards from the Grantor perspective.

The third subcategory is the Grantee system which is designed for the recipient of a grant. There are two large subdivisions of a Grantee system: Research and Non-Research. The non-research grantee systems are used for grants of a non-research quality (equipment, operating, consultancy, etc.) but otherwise act in the same fashion as a research grantee system. The research systems can be subsequently further subdivided:

  • Compliance systems
  • Facilities research systems
  • Funding opportunity systems
  • Sponsored project management systems
  • Technology transfer systems

Our grant report, which is available for purchase, provides a complete description of each subdivision of the third subcategory.

In this Product Category, We Have Data on the Following Companies and Products

CompanyProductDegree Type
A-tune softwareA-tune tick@lab softwareHigherEd
Cayuse IncCayuse 424 (Proposals S2S)HigherEd
Cayuse IncCayuse COI (Cayuse Outside Interests)HigherEd
Cayuse IncCayuse Effort Certification (Project Effort)HigherEd
Cayuse IncCayuse Fund ManagerHigherEd
Cayuse IncCayuse Grant and Research ManagementHigherEd
Cayuse IncCayuse Hazard SafetyHigherEd
Cayuse IncCayuse IACUC (Animal Oversight)HigherEd
Cayuse IncCayuse InventionsHigherEd
Cayuse IncCayuse IRB (Human Ethics)HigherEd
Cayuse IncCayuse SP (Sponsored Projects)HigherEd
Cayuse IncESiriusHigherEd
Cayuse IncHaplo Ethics MonitorHigherEd
Cayuse IncIMedRISHigherEd
Cayuse IncIT Works AdministratorHigherEd
Cayuse IncROMEOHigherEd
Cayuse IncSmartGrantHigherEd
Center for Research Administration Technologies & ApplicationsARGISHigherEd
ClarivateProQuest GrantsHigherEd
CommunityForceCommunityForce form builderHigherEd
Dulles Technology PartnersWebGrantsHigherEd
E-lucidE-lucid platformHigherEd
EnterpriseWebIdeate research appsHigherEd
GrantForwardGrantForward PlatformHigherEd
Homegrown SystemsHomegrown GrantHigherEd
HuronClick Commerce - GrantsHigherEd
HuronHuron Animal OperationsHigherEd
HuronHuron Conflict of InterestHigherEd
HuronHuron IACUCHigherEd
HuronHuron IRBHigherEd
HuronHuron Research Suite (formerly Click)HigherEd
HuronHuron SafetyHigherEd
InfoEd InternationalInfoEd Animal Studies - IACUC SolutionHigherEd
InfoEd InternationalInfoEd Conflict of InterestHigherEd
InfoEd InternationalInfoEd Human Studies - IRB & EthicsHigherEd
InfoEd InternationalInfoEd Post-Award SolutionHigherEd
InfoEd InternationalInfoEd Pre-Award SolutionHigherEd
InfoEd InternationalInfoEd Proposal DevelopmentHigherEd
InfoEd InternationalInfoEd Proposal TrackingHigherEd
InfoEd InternationalInfoEd's SPINHigherEd
InfoEd InternationalResearch Information Management SystemHigherEd
InfoReady CorporationIn4Grants ProductHigherEd
InfoReady CorporationInfoReadyHigherEd
Inteum CompanyInteum SolutionHigherEd
Key SolutionsEProtocolHigherEd
Key SolutionsKey Solutions eGrantsHigherEd
Key SolutionsKey Solutions IACUCHigherEd
Key SolutionsKey Solutions IRBHigherEd
Knowledge Sharing SystemsKSS TechTracSHigherEd
KualiKuali CoeusHigherEd
KualiKuali ProtocolsHigherEd
KualiKuali ResearchHigherEd
MAXIMUSEffort Reporting SystemHigherEd
Novelution CorpNovelution Research Management System (NRMS)HigherEd
ProQuestCOS PivotHigherEd
RAMS IT CompanyRams grantsERAHigherEd
REI SystemsGovGrantsHigherEd
Research DatawareIRBNetHigherEd
Research Research LtdResearch ProfessionalHigherEd
ResearchMaster Pty LtdResearchMaster EnterpriseHigherEd
SEMi Medical SolutionsNaganoHigherEd
Sitero LLCMentor IRBHigherEd
Sitero LLCSitero Mentor platformHigherEd
StreamlyneStreamlyne Research (was Ekuality KC)HigherEd management softwareHigherEd
Submittable companySubmittableHigherEd
Synto (EVision Inc)Synto (EAwards)HigherEd
Tech SoftwareOneAegis (IRBManager)HigherEd
TOPAZ TechnologiesTOPAZHigherEd
Tribal GroupCallista ResearchHigherEd
UNIVERSITAS XXI Soluciones y Tecnologia para la UniversidadUXXI InvestigationHigherEd
University OfficeIRMAHigherEd
VidatumVidatum ResearchHigherEd
Wellspring WorldwideWellspring softwareHigherEd
WorktribeWorktribe ResearchHigherEd

Why Use the ListEdTech Portal?

product implementations tracked among 25+ product categories
institutions, in our database, using a Grant System
Grant products in our databases

How Does ListEdTech Gather its Data?

We scan publicly available data (news releases, social media, university and company websites) to gather our information. Our dataset includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Educational companies, products, and institutional characteristics, 
  • Primary and secondary systems supported by an institution, 
  • Implementation dates and decommission dates, 
  • Contracts, RFP and acquisition data.

Our team controls for bias and regularly updates, reviews, and validates the data at the source to help organize, sort, and classify more than 3 million data points. Though we cannot guarantee an accurate market representation, the methods we use prevent the overrepresentation of any solution.  

As part of our data quality control, we review our database monthly. During these processes, we constantly reach a 95% accuracy rate.