Online Program Management

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Structuring the Online Program Offering

ListEdTech is a market research firm that only tracks systems used in education. Our user-friendly portal offers data on more than 25 product categories, including Online Program Management. For this product category, we track over 5,200 implementations, mostly in North America at the higher education level.

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What Are Online Program Management Systems?

Online Program Management systems provide support and assistance to higher education institutions in developing, launching, marketing, and managing their online programs. These programs involve curriculum design, targeted advertising, technology infrastructure, instructional and student support, quality assurance, and data analytics, which assist in enrollment and retention. 

In this Product Category, We Have Data on the Following Companies and Products

CompanyProductDegree Type
2U Inc2UHigherEd
Academic PartnershipsAP's Academic ServicesHigherEd
All CampusAll Campus OPMHigherEd
AnswerNet Education ServicesGreenwood Hall OPMHigherEd
AnthologyBlackboard OPMHigherEd
Apollidon LearningApollidon OPMHigherEd
AVENU LearningAVENU Learning OPMHigherEd
BARBRI, IncBARBRI Legal Ed (ILaw OPM)HigherEd
Beacon EducationBeaconEduHigherEd
BiskBisk Online Program ManagementHigherEd
Collegis EducationCollegis OPMHigherEd
ComcourseComcourse OPMHigherEd
Coursera IncCoursera OPMHigherEd
D2LD2L OPMHigherEd & School Districts
Distance Learning SystemsDistance Learning Systems - OPMHigherEd
EdXEdX OPMHigherEd
Emerge EducationEmerge Education OPMHigherEd
EmeritusEmeritus OPMHigherEd
Eruditus Executive EducationEruditus OPMHigherEd
EverspringEverspring OPMHigherEd
Focus EduSolutionsFocus EduSolutions OPMHigherEd
FuturelearnFuturelearn OPMHigherEd
GetSmarterGetSmarter OPMHigherEd
Global University SystemsGlobal University Systems OPMHigherEd
Great LearningGreat Learning OPMHigherEd
Higher Ed PartnersHigher Ed Partners OPMHigherEd OPMHigherEd
HotChalkHotChalk Academic SolutionsHigherEd
IDesignIDesign OPMHigherEd
Imarticus LearningImarticus Learning OPMHigherEd
InStrideInStride OPMHigherEd
Integrated Education SolutionsIntegrated Education Solutions OPMHigherEd
John Wiley & SonsLearning House OPMHigherEd
John Wiley & SonsWiley University ServicesHigherEd
KadenzeKadenze OPMHigherEd
Kaplan Global SolutionsKaplan OPMHigherEd
Keypath EducationKeypath Education OPMHigherEd
Klik2learnKlik2learn OPMHigherEd
Laureate EducationLaureate Education OPMHigherEd
Meteor LearningMeteor Learning OPMHigherEd
MindEdge LearningMindedge OPMHigherEd
NoodleNoodle OPMHigherEd & School Districts
Orbis EducationOrbis Education OPMHigherEd
PearsonBoundless Learning OPM (was Pearson)HigherEd
Purdue University GlobalPurdue Global OPMHigherEd
Relearnit, IncRelearnitHigherEd
Shorelight EducationShorelight Education OPMHigherEd
SimplilearnSimplilearn OPMHigherEd
Synergis EducationSynergis OPMHigherEd
Trilogy Education ServicesTrilogy OPMHigherEd
UdacityUdacity OPMHigherEd
UpGradUpGrad OPMHigherEd
WileyNXTWileyNXT OPMHigherEd
Yellowbrick LearnYellowbrick OPMHigherEd

Why Use the ListEdTech Portal?

product implementations tracked among 25+ product categories
institutions, in our database, using a Online Program Management system
OPM products in our databases

How Does ListEdTech Gather its Data?

We scan publicly available data (news releases, social media, university and company websites) to gather our information. Our dataset includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Educational companies, products, and institutional characteristics, 
  • Primary and secondary systems supported by an institution, 
  • Implementation dates and decommission dates, 
  • Contracts, RFP and acquisition data.

Our team controls for bias and regularly updates, reviews, and validates the data at the source to help organize, sort, and classify more than 3 million data points. Though we cannot guarantee an accurate market representation, the methods we use prevent the overrepresentation of any solution.  

As part of our data quality control, we review our database monthly. During these processes, we constantly reach a 95% accuracy rate.