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Although institution leaders always want to help their fellow colleagues from other colleges, universities or school districts, they often face challenges when it’s time to implement a new IT system. Whether they are the CIO, the CTO, the Director of IT Services or a project manager, knowledge on system implementations is hard to get.

At ListEdTech, some of our employees were involved in IT at Higher Education institutions, and we understand your struggles. We all once sought information on…

  • which institutions are using a specific product?
  • which ones are upgrading their product suites?
  • what’s the average time to implement a system?
  • are we overpaying for our LMS?
  • which ones are in an RFP process? (to come)
  • how many IT employees do their competitors have? (to come)
  • what is a reasonable budget to implement a new SIS? (to come)
  • [the list goes on…]

You may not have time to talk to your colleagues, or you may be looking for unbiased information. The reality is that not many resources are available to answer these questions.

Since August 2021, ListEdTech has developed a convivial portal to connect to its database. If your institution has never tried the portal, we encourage you to create a free account today.

With the recent upgrade to ListEdTech Portal 2.0, you can select a free account (with data limited in time and restrained functions) or a standard plan (with full access to data and RFP download available).

Product CategoriesEmailAll
Product LookupsUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Institution Lookups550
RFP Monthly DownloadsNo download. Limited information available.15 - Full RFPs available.
FiltersWorld Regions, Degree Type, Private / Public, Enrollment
Product Category ReportsNone2 per year
Data Date Range2014-20212015-2024
Price (USD)Free$2,800


Product Categories HigherEd School Districts
Alert Notification 1,761 3,477
Business Intelligence - BI 2,506 232
Career Readiness Solutions 3,966 2,538
Catalog Management 1,361 16
Conferencing Systems 5,757 1,805
CRM - Admissions 1,886 250
CRM - Alumni 2,188 538
CRM - General 2,143 167
Curriculum management 947 60
E-Portfolios 1,968 39
Email 11,506 8,444
EProcurement 853 119
Faculty Information Systems 1,185 1
Financial Aid 2,806 416
Financial Systems 4,027 2,275
Grants 1,628 26
Grants - Compliance 551 2
Help Desk 2,166 1,603
Human Resources - HR 3,666 749
Learning Analytics Platforms 481 160
Learning Management Systems 15,387 9,565
Library Information Systems 6,371 3,916
Online Program Management 889 16
Portals 3,568 726
Proctor Systems 3,333 360
Retention Management 1,924 8
Scheduling - Room Management 2,264 972
Student Information System 6,607 16,997


When you buy the standard plan, you:

  • have access to the most recent data on all product categories.
  • can create your own set of peers to compare your institution with others.
  • get a list of a specific product’s most recent implementations and decommissions.
  • can download RFP examples to help you with your upcoming system change.
  • can read one of our reports on product categories.

We are confident the ListEdTech portal will help your institution make the right decision for any edtech questions.


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