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We pride ourselves on our neutrality and accuracy. Our data is collected and analyzed by expert data scientists, ensuring you receive only the most reliable and unbiased insights. Trust in our decade-long experience and our commitment to providing data you can depend on.

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Plan Overview

Product CategoriesEmailmaximum of 3All K-12All HigherEdAll
Product LookupsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Institution Lookups550150150250
FiltersWorld Regions, Degree Type, Private / Public, Enrollment
Product Category ReportsNone2 per yearAll K-12All HigherEdAll
Option: Quarterly CallsN/A$8,000 per year$8,000 per year$8,000 per year$8,000 per year
Discount on Data PurchaseN/A10%25%25%30%
Team Size1515151515
Data Date Range2014-20212015-20242015-20242015-20242015-2024
Annual Subscription (USD)Free$2,800$7,415$8,474$10,593

Which Plan Is Right for Me?

It is the perfect entry point for exploring our data portal’s features without any financial commitment. This plan includes access to the email product category, allows data filtering (limited to 2021 and before), and includes up to five institution lookups per month. Although product category reports are not included, companies can purchase reports on a per-request basis.

It provides a comprehensive understanding of the edtech systems market. With access to three product categories and daily updates, this plan includes two product category reports per year, 50 institution lookups per month, and a 10% discount on custom datasets. Additionally, subscribers benefit from quarterly calls and the peer filter option.

It is tailored for those working exclusively with school districts. This plan offers access to K-12 product categories, all K-12 reports, and up to 150 institution lookups each month. Subscribers also receive a 25% discount on custom datasets and can add quarterly calls and peer filter options at an additional cost.

It provides access to everything HigherEd on the ListedTech portal. This plan includes HigherEd product categories, all HED reports, and up to 150 institution lookups each month. Subscribers also benefit from a 25% discount on custom datasets and the option to add quarterly calls and peer filters.

It offers comprehensive access to the entire edtech market. This top-tier plan includes all product categories, up to 250 institution lookups each month, all product category reports, and a 30% discount on custom datasets. Additionally, the plan includes quarterly discussions with our team and the peer filter option.

Product Categories Available in the Portal

Product Categories HigherEd* School Districts*
Alert Notification 1,761 3,477
Business Intelligence - BI 2,506 232
Career Readiness Solutions 3,966 2,538
Catalog Management 1,361 16
Conferencing Systems 5,757 1,805
CRM - Admissions 1,886 250
CRM - Alumni 2,188 538
CRM - General 2,143 167
Curriculum management 947 60
E-Portfolios 1,968 39
Email 11,506 8,444
EProcurement 853 119
Faculty Information Systems 1,185 1
Financial Aid 2,806 416
Financial Systems 4,027 2,275
Grants 1,628 26
Grants - Compliance 551 2
Help Desk 2,166 1,603
Human Resources - HR 3,666 749
Learning Analytics Platforms 481 160
Learning Management Systems 15,387 9,565
Library Information Systems 6,371 3,916
Online Program Management 889 16
Portals 3,568 726
Proctor Systems 3,333 360
Retention Management 1,924 8
Scheduling - Room Management 2,264 972
Student Information System 6,607 16,997
* Number of institutions

How We Collect this Data?

We scan publicly available data (news releases, social media, university and company websites) to gather our information. Our dataset includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Educational companies, products, and institutional characteristics, 
  • Primary and secondary systems supported by an institution, 
  • Implementation dates and decommission dates, 
  • Contracts, RFP and acquisition data.

Our team controls for bias and regularly updates, reviews, and validates the data at the source to help organize, sort, and classify more than 3.3 million values. Though we cannot guarantee an accurate market representation, the methods prevent the over-representation of any solution.  

As part of our data quality control, we review our database monthly. During these processes, we constantly reach a 95% accuracy rate.