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Ensuring the Integrity of Assessments

ListEdTech is a market research firm that only tracks systems used in education. Our user-friendly portal offers data on more than 25 product categories, including Proctor Systems. For this product category, we track over 6,800 implementations, mostly in North America at the higher education level.

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What Are Proctor Systems?

The primary goal of Proctor Systems is to prevent cheating or any other form of dishonesty for any type of academy assessment whether they are conducted in-person or online. For the purposes of this report, we will look at four specific subcategories: 

  • Authentication: A proctor authentication system is a solution used to verify the identity of the student ensuring that the student who is taking the exam is the same one enrolled in the course. This is done so by using a combination of biometrics, live monitoring, environment scanning, keystroke analysis. Proctor authentication systems are intended to provide a controlled testing environment for remote or online examinations. 
  • Plagiarism Testing: A proctor plagiarism testing system is a technological tool or software designed to identify plagiarism in students’ written work. Such a system helps educators identify instances of plagiarism by text analysis, originality assessment, and similarity reporting. 
  • Test-Taker and Behavioural Review: A proctor test-taker and behavioural review system is a solution used to monitor and assess student behaviour during and after exams. This system promotes integrity by verifying the identity of the test-taker and by monitoring the test-takers behaviour throughout the exam as well as detecting suspicious behaviour. It has automated alerts and a post-exam report which allow human proctors to analyse and assess the integrity of the exam. 
  • Testing Environment Assurance: A proctor testing environment assurance system is a solution used to ensure integrity and fairness of online exams and assessments. This system uses environmental scanning techniques, browser lockdown features, and an environment assessment which aims to minimize external distractions thus ensuring a standardized environment for all students. 

In this Product Category, We Have Data on the Following Companies and Products

CompanyProductDegree Type
AnthologySafeAssign (Blackboard)HigherEd
B Virtual IncB VirtualHigherEd
Biometric Signature-IDBioSig-IDHigherEd
BTL GroupBTL SurpassHigherEd
Copyleaks TechnologiesCopyleaksHigherEd
Dupli checkerPlagiarism CheckerHigherEd
DyknowDyknow Classroom ManagementHigherEd & School Districts
ExamityExamity Automated ProctoringHigherEd
ExamityExamity online proctoringHigherEd & School Districts
GrammarlyGrammarly Plagiarism CheckerHigherEd & School Districts
HonorlockHonorlock proctoringHigherEd
KryterionKryterion solutionHigherEd
ManagExamManagExam platformHigherEd
Meazure LearningProctorU SecurityHigherEd
MonitorEDUMonitorEDU proctoringHigherEd
OuriginalUrkund SystemHigherEd
PlagScanPlagScan Plagiarism CheckerHigherEd & School Districts
Proctor360Proctor360 proctoringHigherEd
ProctorExamProctorExam SolutionHigherEd
ProctorFreeProctorFree PlatformHigherEd
ProctorioOriginality VerificationHigherEd
ProctorioProctorio SecurityHigherEd
ProctortrackProctortrack ProHigherEd
PSI ServicesPSI BridgeHigherEd
PSI ServicesRPNowHigherEd
Respondus IncRespondus LockDown BrowserHigherEd & School Districts
Respondus IncRespondus MonitorHigherEd
Safe Exam BrowserSafe Exam Browser softwareHigherEd
SmowltechSmowl ProctoringHigherEd
StudiosityStudiosity PlatformHigherEd
TestReachTestReach systemHigherEd
Top HatTop Hat proctoring servicesHigherEd
Turnitin LLCDraft CoachHigherEd
Turnitin LLCExamsoft Exam MonitorHigherEd
Turnitin LLCIThenticateHigherEd
Turnitin LLCSimCheckHigherEd
Turnitin LLCSimilarityHigherEd
Turnitin LLCTurnItInHigherEd & School Districts
Turnitin LLCVeriCite ProductHigherEd
ULearnULearn ProctorHigherEd
UnicheckUnicheck Plagiarism CheckerHigherEd & School Districts
YuJaYuJa VerityHigherEd

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How Does ListEdTech Gather its Data?

We scan publicly available data (news releases, social media, university and company websites) to gather our information. Our dataset includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Educational companies, products, and institutional characteristics, 
  • Primary and secondary systems supported by an institution, 
  • Implementation dates and decommission dates, 
  • Contracts, RFP and acquisition data.

Our team controls for bias and regularly updates, reviews, and validates the data at the source to help organize, sort, and classify more than 3 million data points. Though we cannot guarantee an accurate market representation, the methods we use prevent the overrepresentation of any solution.  

As part of our data quality control, we review our database monthly. During these processes, we constantly reach a 95% accuracy rate.