Student Information Systems

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Symplifying and Centralizing the Management of Student Data and Processes

ListEdTech is a market research firm that only tracks systems used in education. Our user-friendly portal offers data on more than 25 product categories, including Student Information Systems. For this product category, we track over 27,000 implementations, at the higher education and school district levels.

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What Are Student Information Systems?

Student Information Systems are used to keep track of student enrollment, grades, transcripts, financial aid, and other important information related to their academic progress. They not only ensure that institutions are able to manage their operations efficiently, but they facilitate communication and collaboration within the institution’s community.

In this Product Category, We Have Data on the Following Companies and Products

CompanyProductDegree Type
Adapt ITITS Student Administration SystemHigherEd
Adaptive TechSoftERegisterHigherEd
Aeorion Software SolutionsAeorion SMSHigherEd
Aequitas SolutionsZangleSchool District
Aeries SoftwareAeries Student Information SystemSchool District
Alliant Data Systems Inc.CampusKeyHigherEd
AlmaAlma SISSchool District
AlmusNetCampus on CloudHigherEd
AnthologyAnthology StudentHigherEd
AnthologyCampusNexus StudentHigherEd
AnthologyCampusVue StudentHigherEd
AptiumSchoolBrainsSchool District
APTRON CorporationAptron AIMS - StudentHigherEd
AXcelerateAXcelerate SISHigherEd
BeehivelyBeehively SISSchool District
BigSISBigSIS Student Information SystemSchool District
BlackbaudMySchoolapp Blackbaud Education Management systemHigherEd & School Districts
BlackbaudStudent Information System (Blackbaud)HigherEd & School Districts
BrightwheelBrightwheel PlatformSchool District
Campus CafeCampus Cafe Student ServicesHigherEd
CapitaCapita SIMSHigherEd
CapitaCapita UNIT-eHigherEd
CAS EducationCAS CampusHigherEd
Central Access CorporationSAM SpectraSchool District
CentralSquare TechnologiesBusinessPLUS student information systemSchool District
Chalkpad TechnologiesCollegePadHigherEd
Church of the NazareneGNECsisHigherEd
CollPollCollPoll AMSHigherEd
Common Goal SystemsSchoolinsightSchool District
Community BrandsBigSISSchool District
Community BrandsInRESONANCESchool District
Community BrandsSchoolSpeakSchool District
Community BrandsTADS - SISSchool District
ComSpec InternationalComSpec EMPOWERHigherEd
Data Access Solutions IncMyStudentsProgressSchool District
Datenlotsen Informationssysteme GmbHCampusNet ClassicHigherEd
Diamond Student Information SystemDiamond SISHigherEd
Digital Enhancements LLCMySchoolWorxSchool District
Dynamic Data ConceptsGenius Education SISSchool District
EDC TechnologyCampusAnywareHigherEd
EDgear of AmericaJcampusSchool District
EdsembliEdsembli SISSchool District
EduConnect Inc.EduConnect SMSSchool District
Edupoint Educational SystemsSynergy Education PlatformHigherEd & School Districts
Edusuite IncEdusuite SISHigherEd
EllucianBanner StudentHigherEd
EllucianColleague Student Information SystemHigherEd
EllucianPowerCAMPUS Academic RecordsHigherEd
EllucianQuercus by EllucianHigherEd
Emperor Solutions Pvt. Ltd.AccsoftHigherEd
ERP UniversityERP University ProductHigherEd
Expedien SolutionsUniversity ERPHigherEd
FACTS Management CompanyFACTS SISHigherEd & School Districts
FastDirect Communications LLCFastDirect SISSchool District
FH CompleteFH Complete SISHigherEd
Firstline InfotechEVarsityHigherEd
Focus School SoftwareFocus SISHigherEd & School Districts
Focus School SoftwareMMS For SchoolsSchool District
Focus School SoftwareVision SISSchool District
FollettAspen SISHigherEd & School Districts
Foradian TechnologiesFedenaHigherEd
Frontline EducationFrontline SISSchool District
Frontline EducationProgressBook SuiteHigherEd & School Districts
Frontline EducationTEAMS by PrologicSchool District
GamatechnoECampuz - Gamatechno Campus SuiteHigherEd
Genesis Educational ServicesGenesisSchool District
Genius SIS IncGenius SISHigherEd & School Districts
GlobalScholarPinnacle GradebookSchool District
GradelinkGradelink SISSchool District
GRICSMozaik Gestion administrativeSchool District
Harris School SolutionsGo.EdustarSchool District
Higher Education Technology Group - HETGroupIntegrow - SISHigherEd
Holross Systems Pty LtdSchoolworxSchool District
Homegrown SystemsHomegrown SISHigherEd & School Districts
IFW Techno CreationsIFW EduCampHigherEd
Infinite CampusInfinite Campus SISHigherEd & School Districts
Information Marketing GroupIPASSSchool District
Informatique EducationInfo Campus SystemHigherEd
ishonCourse student management systemHigherEd
Jade Software CorporationJADE Student Management SystemHigherEd
Jenzabar Inc.Jenzabar CX - StudentHigherEd
Jenzabar Inc.Jenzabar EX - StudentHigherEd
Jenzabar Inc.Jenzabar JX - StudentHigherEd
Jenzabar Inc.Jenzabar Non-Traditional SystemHigherEd
Jenzabar Inc.Jenzabar One STHigherEd
Jenzabar Inc.Jenzabar PX POISEHigherEd
Jenzabar Inc.Jenzabar QX - StudentHigherEd
Jenzabar Inc.Jenzabar SONISHigherEd
Jenzabar Inc.Jenzabar TE - StudentHigherEd
Jenzabar Inc.SONISWEBHigherEd
JMC IncJMC Student Record Management SoftwareSchool District
JupiterJupiter SISSchool District
Kanopy Apps TechnologiesKanopySIS softwareHigherEd
KIONESSE3 is the Student Management SystemHigherEd
KualiKuali StudentHigherEd
LenovoLanSchoolHigherEd & School Districts
Logic Key IncHarmony SMSSchool District
Louisiana Department of EducationCompass Information SystemSchool District
Lumen TouchBright StudentSchool District
M Systems International Inc.Snowman Software DaySchoolSchool District
Meshed GroupMeshedHigherEd
MindexSchooltoolHigherEd & School Districts
Modern CampusDestiny OneCEHigherEd
Modern CampusNon-Traditional Student Management (Lumens)HigherEd & School Districts
Municipal Accounting Systems IncWen-GAGE Student Information SystemSchool District
NS Solutions CorporationCAMPUSSQUAREHigherEd
Octoze TechnologiesCamu SISHigherEd
OnCourse Systems for EducationOnCourse SISSchool District
OneWorldSISOneWorldSIS Student Information SystemHigherEd
Oodi kehitysOODIHigherEd
Open Solutions for EducationOpenSISHigherEd & School Districts
OptionCOptionC School Management SystemSchool District
OracleOracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus SolutionsHigherEd
OracleOracle Student SystemHigherEd
OracleOracles Student CloudHigherEd
OrangeAppsOrangeApps SMSHigherEd
OrbundEINSTEIN SISHigherEd & School Districts
ParentLockerParentLocker SISSchool District
PCR EducatorPCR Educator SISSchool District
Peppi ConsortiumPeppiHigherEd
Pinnacle Technologies IncPinnacle AIMSHigherEd
PopuliPopuli management softwareHigherEd
PowerSchoolChalkable SISSchool District
PowerSchoolChancery SMSSchool District
PowerSchoolESchoolPLUSHigherEd & School Districts
PowerSchoolGradeSpeedSchool District
PowerSchoolParentCONNECTxpSchool District
PowerSchoolPowerSchoolHigherEd & School Districts
PowerSchoolPowerSchool MobileSchool District
PowerSchoolTrillium SISSchool District
PraxiPowerPraxiSchoolSchool District
Prince Technologies CorporationPRIISMS OnlineHigherEd
Procare Software LLCProcare SolutionsSchool District
ProlizProliz SISHigherEd
QuickSchoolsQuickSchools SISHigherEd & School Districts
ReadyTechVETtrak’s Student Management SoftwareHigherEd
Realtime Information TechnologyRealtime Student Information SystemSchool District
Rediker SoftwareAdministrator's PlusSchool District
Regional Data ServicesRDS Student ManagementSchool District
Renaissance Learning IncESchoolDataHigherEd & School Districts
Renaissance Learning IncIlluminate Student InformationSchool District
RIO EducationRIO EducationHigherEd
RobinSoftGradPro - Student Records AdministrationHigherEd
SAP AGSAP Campus ManagementHigherEd
Sapphire SoftwareSapphireK12School District
School PathwaysSchool Pathways SISSchool District
SchoolWise TechnologiesSchoolWise SISSchool District
Serosoft SolutionsAcademia SISHigherEd
SilverbandParadigm Education Management SystemHigherEd
Simovative GmbHAcademyFIVEHigherEd
Skytech CommunicationsClara Education by SkytechHigherEd
SkywardSkyward Qmlativ SISSchool District
SkywardSkyward's student information systemHigherEd & School Districts
SourcewellSchoolViewSchool District
Specialized Data SystemsWeb School OfficeSchool District
STARS Campus SolutionsSTARSHigherEd
SunGard Higher EducationSCT PlusHigherEd
Sycamore Leaf SolutionsSycamore EducationSchool District
TechnologyOne LimitedTechnologyOne Student ManagementHigherEd
Texas Computer CooperativeTxEISSchool District
The Association for Biblical Higher EducationCampusSIS platformHigherEd
The Ladok ConsortiumLadokHigherEd
ThesisAgresso StudentHigherEd
ThesisThesis CAMSHigherEd
ThesisThesis Student ManagementHigherEd
ThinkWave IncThinkWave School Management SoftwareSchool District
TopSchoolStudent Lifecycle Management (SLM) SystemHigherEd
TOTVSTOTVS Student Information SystemsHigherEd
Trainings-Online GmbHTraiNexHigherEd
Tribal GroupEbs4HigherEd
Tribal GroupSITS:VisionHigherEd
Tribal GroupStudent Management System for Higher Education (Callista)HigherEd
TU Graz Central IT ServiceCAMPUSonlineHigherEd
Tyler TechnologiesStudent Information Systems - Tyler TechnologiesHigherEd & School Districts
UnifyedUnifyed Student – ManageHigherEd
UNIPAKUniversity Information Systems - UniPakHigherEd
UNIVERSITAS XXI Soluciones y Tecnologia para la UniversidadUXXI AcademicHigherEd
University in Košice CompanyAiS2HigherEd
VeracrossVeracross SISSchool District
Vialing Inc.Vialing SkyHigherEd
VIAS Campus ManagementVIAS Campus Management SystemHigherEd
Vidalinks LLCSchoolCues SMSSchool District
VSwareManagement Information System MISHigherEd
WorkdayWorkday StudentHigherEd

Why Use the ListEdTech Portal?

product implementations tracked among 25+ product categories
institutions, in our database, using a Student Information System
SIS products in our databases

How Does ListEdTech Gather its Data?

We scan publicly available data (news releases, social media, university and company websites) to gather our information. Our dataset includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Educational companies, products, and institutional characteristics, 
  • Primary and secondary systems supported by an institution, 
  • Implementation dates and decommission dates, 
  • Contracts, RFP and acquisition data.

Our team controls for bias and regularly updates, reviews, and validates the data at the source to help organize, sort, and classify more than 3 million data points. Though we cannot guarantee an accurate market representation, the methods we use prevent the overrepresentation of any solution.  

As part of our data quality control, we review our database monthly. During these processes, we constantly reach a 95% accuracy rate.