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We are proud of our database because no other company in the business has the detail we have on higher education software implementations. We are also working hard to have the same in-depth data for K-12 products and school districts. To ensure the quality of our data, our team reviews millions of lines of information each quarter, and an employee validates each new entry before being added to our database.

To enrich our database, we scan publicly available data (news releases, social media, university and company websites). We also go through requests for proposals, contracts, board approvals and other legal documents, again available to the public.

We review over 15,000 new alerts every day. This information gets compiled into a central database that gets initially filtered using machine learning algorithms to remove unuseful information. Then, our team of over 15 full-time employees manually looks at all the info to confirm, delete or enrich our database.

Each year, we reconfirm all our datasets, validating that the institutions are still using the system.

Our dataset includes (but is not limited to):

  • Educational companies, products, and institutional characteristics;
  • Primary and secondary systems supported by institutions;
  • Implementation dates and decommissions dates.

Our team controls for bias and regularly updates, reviews, and validates the data at the source to help organize, sort, and classify more than 2.6 million values. Though we cannot guarantee an accurate representation of the market, our methods prevent the over-representation of any grant solution.

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Anthology and Blackboard to Merge Into a Massive New Company

On September 13th, Anthology and Blackboard announced they will merge by the end of 2021. This transaction will “create the most comprehensive EdTech ecosystem across academic, administrative and student engagement applications”, mentioned the joint press release. This mega-company will serve more than 150 million users spread over 4,000 campuses in 90+ countries.  A long-time learning ... Anthology and Blackboard to Merge Into a Massive New Company  Read More
Jenzabar Upgrades vs New Implementations - LisTedTECH

Distinguishing Product Upgrades from (New) Implementations

At LISTedTECH, we often talk about new implementations and their impact on company market share. We define new implementations as the initial implementation of one company’s product in a specific product category. When an institution selects, for example, Blackboard Ultra after it initially implemented Blackboard Learn, we don’t flag it as a new implementation; we ... Distinguishing Product Upgrades from (New) Implementations  Read More
This Week In Review
September 14th to September 20th

This Week In Review – September 14th to September 20th

Merger Anthology and Blackboard Merging to Create Massive Ed Tech Ecosystem Anthology and Blackboard are merging into a yet unnamed company that shall offer a broad edtech ecosystem from enrollment management and alumni fundraising to communication tools and student success solutions. Led by Jim Milton, this new company “[…]will have a data-driven product portfolio that ... This Week In Review – September 14th to September 20th  Read More

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